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Christmas Tree Wood (parody)

CHRISTMAS TREE WOOD (parody)I once met an elfOr should I sayShe once met me.She showed me her room"Isn't it goodChristmas tree wood."She asked me to stayAnd she told me to work anywhere.So I made a dollhouse, a train setAnd a rocking chair.I sat on her rugStuffing toy dogsDrinking egg nog.We worked until twoAnd then she said,"Here come's His sled!"She told me she worked in the morningAnd she had to go.I told her I didn'tAnd slept underneath mistletoe.And when I awoke I was aloneThis elf had flown.So I lit a fireIsn't it goodChristmas tree wood.Written and performed as a parody by Greg Pool.

Posted by Greg Pool on Tuesday, December 23, 2014


logoTo celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary, we welcomed City Folk (Kimball Hurd, Roger Feuer and Keith Greeninger) on 11/15/2015 along with surprise guests Anne Sibley and Alisa Feinman.

Here's some short video clips of the night:

Here's a longer clip Juliet shot during the first set.


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